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Booth Tours and Updates

E3 2008 - 2K Games: Company Tour and Updates article


The 2K Games Booth Tour was a neat experience. In addition to the standard booth displays, the company went ahead and setup a large, secondary room that would blow nearly anyone's home theater away. The atmosphere was bright and modern, and it proved to be a great way to experience their more impressive titles.


Upon entering the theater, I was nearly blinded by massive, billboard-like monitors and two electronic signs feature awesome graphics from BioShock. I grabbed myself an icy water (the room was about ten degrees hotter due to the wattage being kicked out by the displays), found a white leather, neo-modern chair, and settled in for the show.

The presentation began with BioShock for the PS3. 2K Marin's baby was getting some nice content upgrades for Sony's rig, but the developers assured us that they were intent on maintaining the integrity of the original title. As such, the biggest upgrade that was exhibited was that of Challenge Rooms; they make up an additional mode of play. Challenge Rooms are essentially extravagant mini-levels. The Challenge Room featured in the demonstration was one where a Little Sister was stuck at the top of a Ferris Wheel. The goal in this room was to find a way to get her down before it was too late.

E3 2008 - 2K Games

We had to find various electrical sources and items strewn throughout the level to get her down, but we were never directly given the Electric Plasmid (that would have been too easy). Nevertheless, we dismantled traps and used other techniques to get the job done. We progressed about half way through the level when a ton of Splicers flooded the room and they ended the demonstration. In addition to Challenge Rooms, two more key features will be added to the game, but aren't allowed to be shared at this time. Sorry folks! Needless to say, BioShock will be a wicked experience for PS3 owners when it releases on November 4, 2008.

Next, we were given an in-depth look at Borderlands. Like many of the more visceral experiences on display at E3 2008, Borderlands takes place in a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max kind of world where vehicles and guns are synonymous with power. We saw the game through a co-op campaign, where the developers, Gearbox Software, hopped into a supped-up 4x4 and began blasting through enemy vehicles on their way to the gang's stronghold. Vehicles look to be fast and responsive, they have plenty of fire power, and players can even switch between driving and gunning positions on the fly. After blowing through a few mangy, wild dog-looking animals called skags, we made our way into a cavern filled with the smell of barbeque (apparently skags are tasty bandit food) and enemies.

E3 2008 - 2K Games

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