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Most Anticipated Games of E3 2008

Most Anticipated Games of E3 2008 article

By Adam Brown

June 27, 2008 - E3 will once again mark Christmas in July for many gamers, as the year's biggest video game convention returns to the Los Angeles Convention Center. From there, the latest news and details about all of the upcoming games we can't wait to get our hands on will finally emerge, giving us plenty of time to properly complete our holiday wish lists.

Below we've compiled a list of titles CCC hopes to see at this year's Expo. E3 is certainly one of the most exciting times of the year for gamers, and CheatCC.com will be there, bringing you great coverage on these excellent titles and many more yet to be revealed surprises.

Beyond Good and Evil 2
Dev: Ubisoft | Pub: Ubisoft
Systems: Xbox 360, PS3, PC | Release Date: TBA 2009

Despite the fact that the first game was nearly a complete commercial failure, that didn't stop critics and fans from lavishing it with well-deserved praise. Many feared their cries for a sequel would go unnoticed, so the news that one is currently in development is truly a big deal. While no real information has been given about the game besides a brief teaser trailer, it is still more than enough to begin the wave of excitement that is sure to lovingly crash upon this game when it finally gets released.

Most Anticipated Games of E3 2008 article

Dead Space
Dev: Electronic Arts | Pub: Electronic Arts
Systems: Xbox 360, PS3, PC | Release Date: 10/27/08

While there seem to be plenty of survival horror titles hitting the market this year, Dead Space still manages to impress. EA's first entry into this frightening genre sheds the typical backdrop for most of these titles and instead thrusts people into the dark abyss that is space. The impressive graphics, interesting setting, advanced weaponry, and superhuman abilities appear to mix perfectly into an incredibly unique and terrifying experience. Although no one can hear you scream in space, the same won't hold true for anyone within earshot while you're playing this game.

Most Anticipated Games of E3 2008 article

de Blob
Dev: Blue Tongue | Pub: THQ
Systems: Wii, DS, PC | Release Date: 9/22/08

Starting from very humble beginnings as a student project at the Utrecht School of Arts, de Blob has already amassed many fans on the PC. Soon Wii owners will also get a hold of this unique game that involves painting a black and white city with different colors. The addition of motion controls should add a completely different element to the game, allowing for a more interactive gameplay experience. This offbeat title should easily find success with the plethora of casual Wii gamers who are constantly on the lookout for simple and creative games such as this one.

Most Anticipated Games of E3 2008 article

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