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The New Xbox 360 Experience article

By Maria Montoro & Amanda Kondolojy

The addition of Netflix to the formula is a real winner. Netflix users won't only be able to rent movies over the mail or watch them on their personal computer. Xbox 360 will give them the opportunity to manage their "Instant Queue" from the console, as well as stream movies directly into it and start watching instantly. If you decide to watch a movie with your online friends through LIVE Party, you can even do so while hosting voice chat.

The New Xbox 360 Experience article

Other original channels that will be included in the new setup are Spotlight, Primetime, Game, Community, Video, and Inside Xbox.

Spotlight will highlight the best offerings of the week. Primetime will have real-time shows and contests where everyone can participate and win (E.g. 1 Vs. 100). Game will give you access to your XBLA games as well as the game that's in the tray, and other pre-installed titles. Community will be the channel where you meet your online friends, host and join LIVE parties, etc. Video will have its own library of available movie rentals, game trailers, and videos stored in your hard drive. Inside Xbox is just the Xbox news feed channel, where gamers can check out info on the newest games, Xbox Live events, movies and TV updates, marketplace offers, and more.

The New Xbox 360 Experience article

With this big upgrade, things are looking good for users of the Xbox 360. While some people will be resistant to this change, we can only hope it will be for the better. We'll have to wait and see! In the meantime, don't forget to read on and find out about upcoming Xbox Live Arcade titles that will bring even more fun to our living rooms.

By Maria Montoro
CCC Site Director


One of the biggest themes of this year's Microsoft Keynote address was the current success and rapid expansion of the Xbox LIVE Arcade service. Certainly, their mood regarding the service was enthusiastic, and they had plenty of new titles to announce for the service.

Read on and find out more about some of them!

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