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E3 2009 - Electronic Arts: Company Tour and Updates


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EA Press Conference - E3 2009


EA's presence at E3 2009 was impressive. Their booth was packed with gamers and journalists eager to get hands-on time with games such as Brutal Legend, FIFA and Madden 10, Fight Night Round 4, Left 4 Dead 2, and Charm Girls Club… well, maybe not the latter. Nevertheless, EA had a ton of titles gamers wanted to play. As a result, the booth was packed with anxious players from open to close. Thankfully, I was taken by the hand and headed behind the scenes where I got an intimate view of Dragon Age: Origins, Mass Effect 2, and Dante's Inferno (we'll soon have updated previews on all these titles). And I also got an overall feel for all the games on display.


This year's gaming franchises all look to be in good stead. Whether playing on the Wii or the Xbox 360/PS3, unique and interesting experiences should be had by all this year. Every sport in the EA SPORTS stable has been lovingly lavished over with both time and polish. The addition of Wii MotionPlus will definitely go a long way to making Grand Slam Tennis and Tiger Woods' PGA Tour 10 must-have titles for the Wii. Madden and FIFA are also stand out titles for sports aficionados looking for some truly gritty realism on the higher-powered consoles - Madden's Pro-Tak technology (a glorified physics engine) really should elevate that series' gameplay beyond what's normally offered year after year.

E3 2009 - Electronic Arts

Brutal Legend, if it indeed gets published (it will, just a few kinks need to be ironed out first), looks to the quirky, barrel of monkey's we all had hoped for. The character and enemy design looks great, the combat is fun and fast, and the story, voice acting, and setting are utterly engaging. Metal Heads and action fans are going to love every minute of this one. Mass Effect 2 is amazing already. After two years of work, a large budget, and a dedicated development team, the title will be marked by precision shooter and strategic power-based combat, interactive cinematics, and true character development.

Dragon Age: Origins is going to be an epic RPG experience for both PC and console players. Role-playing experiences are heightened by non-combat encounters and dialogue that have profound effects upon the way the game and story plays out. Oh, and players will be able to fight dragons; we got to see one such battle. Dante's Inferno also looks amazingly sharp. Unfortunately, the game is nothing more than a God of War clone, but the setting, visuals, fluid combat, and amazing enemy design should make non-PS3 owners happy; giving them a taste of the God of War goods without having to shell out for Sony's console.

E3 2009 - Electronic Arts

Finally, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 from DICE is going to once again combine humor, destructible environments, and solid gunplay, bringing an action-packed yet light warfare experience to the mix.

By Jonathan Marx
CCC Editor / News Director

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