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CheatCC's Most Anticipated of E3 2009

CheatCC's Most Anticipated of E3 2009 article

Derek Hidey, Freelance Writer

After two years of a much tamer and down-sized event, E3 is returning to the glitz and glamour and, as many hope and predict, will be returning to its former, over-the-top glory. Coincidentally, there seems to be an emerging trend in the industry to focus on both science-fiction and massively-multiplayer games. This year's E3 should definitely prove this statement true, as games like CrimeCraft, Global Agenda, Huxley, The Agency, and Fallen Earth are shown off by their developers.

Moreover, while this year's E3 won't be known for its saturation of sequel titles, gamers should expect a lot of excitement surrounding Mass Effect 2, Assassin's Creed 2, Bioshock 2, and, with any luck, God of War III. Attendees can also expect very large crowds for games like MAG - Sony's ambitious first-person shooter for the PS3 that will attempt to allow 256 players to battle it out at once.

CheatCC's Most Anticipated of E3 2009 article

Overall, E3 2009 looks to be a much bigger and more impressive E3 than we've seen the last two years. And, while there will be a lot of games and gadgets for attendees to get their hands on, perhaps the most exciting and anticipated aspect will be the expo's return to its former glory.

Derek's Top 5 Most-Anticipated Games
  • Jumpgate: Evolution (PC)
  • Huxley (X360, PC)
  • Modern Warfare 2 (X360, PS3, PC)
  • M.A.G. (PS3)
  • Borderlands (PC)

Leon Hendrix III, Freelance Writer

Among the cooler things about summer are the following: ice cream trucks, barbecues, bathing suits, and of course E3. Gaming's biggest industry trade show is back again or will be at the beginning of the June, but if you're anything like me, you've probably been ready since Christmas. This year gamers have much to be thankful for, and as the event returns to the Los Angeles Convention Center in just a few weeks there could be a lot more to this year's show than the past few expos.

Once the announcement was made that the show would be cutting back to deal with the rising economic storm-front, it became clear that E3 would never be the same. Now with a seemingly expanded show and a return to the pomp and circumstance that made it a hit, expect to see something closer to the E3 of old. This is clearly the year of new beginnings. A lot of sequels will be making their debut, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Mega-hits like BioShock, Dead Space, God of War, Uncharted, and Mass Effect could all find their way back to salivating gamers with sequels demoed at E3. On top of that, there are a number of series reboots and popular franchises that will get next-gen overhauls. Rumored and confirmed games like Kid Icarus, Excitebike, and Bionic Commando are likely to get their fair share of coverage as well.

CheatCC's Most Anticipated of E3 2009 article

Easily my most anticipated title is Batman Arkham Asylum. You could make as case for a number of other games, but given the Dark Knight's most recent silver screen treatment, amazing in-game footage and demos, and more recent solid superhero adaptations (i.e. Wolverine), my imagination can't stop pouring over the possibilities for Eidos' new app.

Leon's Top 5 Most-Anticipated Games
  • Batman Arkham Asylum (X360, PS3)
  • BioShock 2 (X360, PS3)
  • Alpha Protocol (X360, PS3)
  • Prototype (X360, PS3)
  • God of War III (PS3)

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