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E3 2010 Electronic Arts Press Event

E3 2010 - Electronic Arts: Company Tour and Updates


June 14, 2010 - After a 10 minute delay, EA finally starts their press conference showing one of the coolest titles gamers could ask for, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, developed by Criterion Games! This high speed chase-centric racer will surely please gamers when it releases later this year - November 16th to be exact. Not a bad start!

Another hit comes up next: Dead Space 2. Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer of the game, tells us all about it. With Dead Space 2, they want to push the limits of horror and deliver an unrivaled experience. Necromorphs will challenge players physically and psychologically this time around, and the demo shows us just that; a title with an incredibly eerie atmosphere, lots of intense action, and plenty of scares. Another release date! January 25, 2011

Next up, it's EA LA and EA DICE with their upcoming title, Medal of Honor. They do a live demo on stage with 24 players at once. On June 21, the multiplayer beta of Medal of Honor will go live on all three platforms - Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. They also show a brand spankin' new trailer showcasing the upcoming beta. The game releases on October 12th.

EA has a new shooter-focused reward system for gamers called GunClub, where fans can see news, updates, and participate in community events. Thursday June 17th they start an early beta of Medal of Honor for members.


Up next is a new announcement: Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam, an expansion pack coming in November of this year.

Without further ado, Peter Moore, President of EA Sports takes over to bring us the latest info on EA's signature sports titles. He starts with three game-changers, one of them being EA MMA, coming out in the fall. The game will have a worldwide focus and bring gamers a very accessible control scheme to keep players engaged.

In addition, EA announces EA Sports Live Broadcast. Players will be able to create characters with their own face, broadcast their own video commentaries, and stream their own gameplay. MMA will be one of the first games to offer this. There'll be competitions and prizes for the fans.

Another title they were proud to announce and demo is EA Sports Active 2, which is also coming out for Xbox 360. This version will be compatible with Kinect and can track full body movement, rather than just arms and legs. Linked to an EA Sports Active page on easports.com, it'll help players keep track of their activities, improvement, and other stats.

Madden NFL also returns this year, but this year they claim it'll be a big step towards evolution. Games will take half the time, allow players to create their own game plan, and support 3 vs. 3 online gameplay, amongst other things. The new game engine, GameFlow, presents a paradigm shift in the way you play the game. Joe Montana hops on stage to demonstrate what this new Madden is all about. Check out our recent Madden NFL 11 hands-on preview if you'd like to find out more.

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