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E3 2010 Xbox 360 Media Briefing

E3 2010 - Microsoft: Company Tour and Updates

June 14, 2010 - Microsoft had already announced Project Natal last year, and we also heard rumors about a new Xbox 360, so before this year's presser started, we were wondering: what other surprises could be in store for us gamers?

Well, here's the lowdown of what happened, in case you happened to miss the live streaming.

First off, we watched a video of Call of Duty: Black Ops. It's Call of Duty at its best! What we didn't know is, all the upcoming Call of Duty DLC is going to be released first for Xbox 360!

Moving on, it's time to talk about Project Natal, which has become Kinect. The re-baptized motion-control system will support a bunch of big blockbusters, more than we could have imagined!


First, Hideo Kojima comes on stage to demo Kinect. He shows the title we were all waiting to hear about -- Metal Gear Solid: Rising. He invites Sigenobu Matsuyama onto the stage and the demo shows "White Devil" doing some badass moves and slicing stuff as if it was made of butter. What will you cut? Curious enough, no sight of Solid Snake this time around.

Phil Spencer, Vice President of Microsoft comes in and talks about high-profile video games that are a huge part of today's video game pop culture. The Xbox 360 is going to see Fable III, Crackdown 2, Gears of War 3, and lots more!

Of course, the briefing wouldn't meet our expectations without Cliff Bleszinski. He comes in to show Gears of War 3 and its co-op gameplay with four simultaneous players. All I have to say is the game looks mouth-watering, so you better watch for that video as soon as it goes up in our video section, which should be later today.

Without delay, Peter Molyneux takes over the stage to show Fable III. He promises more epic action/adventure where choices have consequences. The game ships on October 26th, and they call it a revolution!

Back on stage, Phil Spencer announces a new exclusive title from their newest partner, Crytek. No, it's not Crysis. It's Codename: Kingdoms, an action game with a 300 flare. The teaser doesn't reveal much, so we'll have to wait in order to find out what it's about.

Phil then proceeds to talk about the most ambitious Halo game to date, Halo: Reach, and he welcomes Bungie's Creative Director Marcus Lehto. A new trailer and then a demo showcase the new title and whet our appetite for what's to come on September 14th.

The corporate Vice-president of Xbox LIVE, Marc Whitten, comes in and talks about how Xbox LIVE has changed everyone's gaming experience. He explains how Kinect works and brings in an Xbox engineer to explain how it's used. First thing, they show facial recognition and menu navigation that works by waving your hand at the screen. You can also use your voice to navigate and access features such as Zune, Netflix, Facebook, games, etc. While watching a video you can even fast forward, rewind, stop, etc. with your hands, or pause and play the movie with a voice command.

Marc Whitten then returns to let us know about Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone 7 devices, but soon enough, they go back to Kinect. You can do Video Kinect (video conferences) and control it with gestures. It links Xbox LIVE friends with Windows LIVE messenger contacts. It also has motion tracking, and the image follows the subject around without moving the camera.

Also, Microsoft brings ESPN to your Xbox 360 with over 3,500 live and on-demand events streaming right into it. There will be college football and basketball, NBA, NFL, MLS Soccer, and lots more. ESPN's Josh Elliot and Trey Wingo enter the stage to tell gamers about this new addition to XBL. While watching the games, you can participate in polls, give voice commands to pause, replay, check out stats, and more.

Kudo Tsunoda, Creative Director of Kinect, takes over and shows us several Kinect launch games that'll be available for the upcoming holidays. One of them is Kinectimals, a game that lets you interact with animals from around the world, do activities with them, and adopt up to 40 of them.

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