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E3 2010 Nintendo Press Event

E3 2010 - Nintendo Press Conference


June 15, 2010 - A countdown marks the beginning of Nintendo's conference. Reggie Fils-Aimee comes out and says that advances in technology are simply the tools, what really matters is the experience. With no delay, he presents The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword! A quick teaser shows Link and his new world. The graphics resemble those in Twilight Princess, though a little brighter and perhaps slightly more cartoonish. A video of Shigeru Miyamoto explains more; he said they wanted to focus on great swordplay, achieved with the Wii Remote (with Wii MotionPlus) and the Nunchuk, one being the sword and the other the shield. Miyamoto then vanishes from the video… and shows up on stage!

The gaming legend demos the game and shows us Link's new fighting techniques. The game supports Wii MotionPlus, which means 1:1 movement-response, which equals great accuracy with the sword. Link will also have the slingshot, the bow, a whip, and a beetle you shoot and then direct with the Wii Remote. Unfortunately, the Wii Remote is getting some interference, so Miyamoto can't quite show us how some of these items work, but we're sure it'll be just fine once we try it at the show floor. Stay tuned for our upcoming hands-on impressions! Unfortunately, if you were hoping to play it these upcoming holidays, you'll have to wait, as Miyamoto said everything points at a 2011 release.

But... it's back to Reggie. He talks about big sporting franchises and their great influence, from realistic sports simulators to arcade-style. This brings us to Mario's new sports title - Mario Sports Mix, with volleyball, basketball, hockey, dodgeball, etc. The release will happen next year as well.

After that, Reggie proceeds to announce a new flagship franchise for the Wii called Wii Party. This party title will offer 13 party games, over 70 mini-games, etc. This one will indeed come out this holiday and won't feature Mario characters, but rather the Miis.


Just Dance returns this year as well, with Just Dance 2 from Ubisoft. You better get your groove on!

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is another title the fans are excited about this year. This DS RPG features the same charming visuals that characterize the franchise and promises another great adventure for the upcoming holiday season. Puzzles and bosses that cover both screens were featured throughout the demo.

As if that wasn't enough, Nintendo brings what many, many, many fans were really waiting for… a new GoldenEye! It'll feature eight classic Bond characters, 16 special game modes, including Paintball, Melee Only, You Only Live Twice, and more. It'll be published by Activision and will arrive holiday 2010! Heck yeah!

One title we did know about but are anxious to explore is Disney Epic Mickey, which sets a new tone and direction for this indeed epic character. The creative director and the producer come in to tell us about it. This upcoming platforming adventure allows Mickey to draw and erase his game world - restore environments and use them to his advantage, or erase them to avoid danger. Like other games, all choices have consequences and evolve the story in different ways, which sounds interesting. The visuals will take you through many familiar Disney environments, as well as Disney's own history.

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