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13 Spooky Games for Halloween 08

13 Spooky Games for Halloween 08 article

My vampirella wig is still sitting in the closet, and all the delicious candy keeps looking at me and saying "eeeaaat meee." However, I'm doing pretty well so far, and I've decided to leave that huge basket of goodies for the hungry kids who are coming trick-or-treating a little later. I guess I'll just save the space so I can eat the kids instead!

In the meantime, I keep scratching my head thinking what kind of games we could be playing tonight, and I have a few in mind - 13 to be exact. I'm only going to mention games that have been released recently, as I'm sure you're all tired of playing old Silent Hill and Resident Evil games.

Without further ado, let's get to it...if you're ready, that is.

#13 - Alone in the Dark (X360, PC)

Although Alone in the Dark didn't come out so hot for Xbox 360, PS2, Wii, and PC, Atari and Eden Games have been hard at work trying to improve what was wrong with it. PS3 owners will be able to enjoy this dark and creepy adventure without having to worry about the annoyances of the original control system, but unfortunately, AITD: Inferno is not ready just yet, so I guess we'll have to put up with the original. Players will take on the role of an amnesiac Edward Carnby and advance through the story by helping him fight for survival. You'll see everything, from a mysterious building that seems alive and possessed by evil to crazy car rides and nerve-racking moments in the middle of Central Park. Best of all, the game sports an incredible soundtrack and a very compelling play, fast-forward, and rewind system that allows players to skip difficult parts or go back and relive glorious moments.

13 Spooky Games for Halloween 08 article

#12 - Obscure: The Aftermath (Wii, PS2, PC)

If you enjoyed the original Obscure, this may be your cup of tea. While it's not the hottest horror title of the year, it's certainly a very decent choice for lovers of the horror genre. Much like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the game doesn't offer an incredibly deep story. However, it includes many wonderful horror film clichés and very dark and immersive environments. There's a lot of puzzle-solving and combat against nasty monsters that are ready to rip your head off. Also, there are several playable characters, each with their own skills, keeping the gameplay fresh and making the game more entertaining.

13 Spooky Games for Halloween 08 article

#11 - The Lost Crown: A Ghost Hunting Adventure (PC)

If you're like me and have been watching ghost stories all year long, this title might be right up your alley. Instead of being a victim of flesh-eating creatures and seeing blood everywhere, The Lost Crown will introduce you to the world of lost souls. Players may end up sitting in a corner of their room as they advance through this spine-chilling story trying to act as real paranormal investigators. Who said that was an easy job? And who said ghosts don't exist? If you're ready to face the extreme black and white presentation, the realistic and ultra-creepy locations, and don't mind the simple point-and-click controls, you ought to give this one a try!

13 Spooky Games for Halloween 08 article

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