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13 Spooky Games for Halloween 08

13 Spooky Games for Halloween 08 article

#10 - Silent Hill: Origins (PS2, PSP)

This new Silent Hill title came out for PSP last year, and it had a rather warm welcoming. So, why wouldn't they give console players the chance to enjoy it on the big screen by porting it to the PS2? That's what they ended up doing, and the result wasn't half-bad.

As expected, a new protagonist is introduced this time around. His name is Travis Grady, and somehow he ends up in Silent Hill after a nearly-fatal accident. Players will travel between different versions of the mysterious town by touching mirrors, but ultimately, they'll be drawn into some serious combat against demonic forces. It's a short game, but it's mostly short and sweet, so if you're into Silent Hill, don't let this one pass!

13 Spooky Games for Halloween 08 article

#9 - Dracula: Origin (PC)

Who's the most evil and bloody character anyone can remember? Yep, you got it. That's why this game is such an enticing offering. First of all, the plot focuses on the story of the Prince of Darkness, but it also includes other memorable characters like Mina and even Van Helsing. The game doesn't do anything to reinvent point-and-click adventures, but at least it's done right. You'll travel through numerous environments in search of important clues and ways to solve the increasingly challenging puzzles. Each location is full of detail, and it wouldn't be a scary game without a good dose of disturbances, whether it's pentagrams drawn in blood amidst piles of human remains or nasty dripping meat carcasses hanging from hooks. Yikes!

13 Spooky Games for Halloween 08 article

#8 - Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (DS)

Castlevania titles are not necessarily known for being scary, but there's undoubtedly a certain degree of darkness in the formula, without forgetting the inclusion of, again, Count Dracula. This new installment in the side-scrolling series introduces players to a new clan, best known as the Order of Ecclesia. Just like the Belmonts, their goal is to finish off Dracula once and for all - not an easy task! Players will go all over Transylvania during this rather lengthy journey, running through mazes full of undesirable creatures, secrets, and more. If you enjoy Castlevania games, don't think twice; this new portable outing may be just what you're looking for!

13 Spooky Games for Halloween 08 article

#7 - Sam & Max: Episode 203 - Night of the Raving Dead (PC)

If you're just a mere scaredy-cat and prefer to stay away from horrific, blood-sucking adventures, maybe Sam & Max will suit you better. In this episode, Sam and Max, Telltale's favorite freelance-police duo, will find themselves involved in a hairy situation. Between the spooky castle setting, brain-eating disco zombies, and a Franky-like abomination looking for love, rest assured there'll be plenty of spookiness on your plate. The difference is, this zany 3D adventure is far from realistic and instead takes a cartoonish approach. Be ready to unleash the undead in a whole new way. The Sam & Max zombie episode is as good as it gets, which means…awesome.

13 Spooky Games for Halloween 08 article

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