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13 Spooky Games for Halloween 08

13 Spooky Games for Halloween 08 article

#6 - The Witcher (PC)

Alone in the Dark wasn't Atari's only outing in the world of darkness this year. The Witcher, and their most recent title The Witcher: Enhanced Edition, offer a fantastic story that will satisfy the RPG enthusiasts.

The engaging combat mechanics and awe-inspiring visuals make it a very compelling title for those interested in magic and fantasy. Child abductions, poison-selling witches, and monsters -lots of monsters- are some of the things you'll encounter in this sinister fantasy. PC requirements aren't over the top, so if you have a decent computer that can handle newer games, you should be served.

13 Spooky Games for Halloween 08 article

#5 - Condemned 2: Bloodshot (X360, PS3)

Since the happenings of the original Condemned, protagonist and former special investigator Ethan Thomas has had a hard time. He's tormented by horrifying visions, and his bad memories lead him to a life of carelessness and despair. So, why bother to return to the underworld? A strange message is apparently enough to get him back to square one. Players will advance through the game by investigating and often getting involved in unnerving melee fighting. Crime scenes, merciless super-humans, and undesirable creatures are just a few of the things you'll come across in Condemned 2: Bloodshot.

13 Spooky Games for Halloween 08 article

#4 - Siren: Blood Curse (PS3 - PlayStation Network)

Available only through PSN and distributed in 12 separate episodes, Siren: Blood Curse promises to be one of the scariest games of the year. The game tells the tale of characters caught in the mysterious Japanese town of Hanuda. Several people have vanished, and after witnessing human-sacrifice rituals, things seem to get more and more complicated. Players will be under the skin of seven different characters fighting for survival in a town overrun by more than just a few living dead. They're independently-thinking zombies that won't stop until they find you! If you're looking for a story full of suspense, lots of exploration, and occasional combat, this may be the one for you.

13 Spooky Games for Halloween 08 article

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