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2007 saw the release of several video game gems that flooded our living rooms and inundated video game stores with lines that sometimes surpassed the front door. It's evident one of the big stars of the year was Halo 3, which was surrounded by hype from beginning to end. Due to the success and addictive elements of the first two installments, Halo 3 was predestined to enter the hearts of millions of fans and take their Halo experience even further. As expected, it's been a great success, and the sales figures smashed industry records with over 170 million copies sold the first day and 300 million in the first week!

Few games can expect such high numbers. However, we thought it would be interesting to mention a few important titles that will find a place in store shelves in 2008. Even if they don't achieve the kind of records Halo 3 did, these games will definitely make an impact in gamers' hearts.

Enjoy our 2008 Preview Guide and stay tuned because the Best Games of 2007 Awards are coming soon!

CCC's Preview Guide
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