Best Multiplayer Game Winner 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops continues the tradition of the CoD franchise having a deep, extensive, fun multiplayer component. Black Ops adds upon all the things that made its predecessors' multiplayer great, including experience points and customizable weaponry. Black Ops even lets you gamble your COD points to prove your skill. Black Ops also has a wacky, cooperative mode that lets you play as historic figures like John F. Kennedy and Fidel Castro as you try to survive a (what else) zombie invasion.

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MAG Box Art

M.A.G. may not have gotten the support it needed early in its lifecycle, but it has proven to be quite the multiplayer powerhouse on the PlayStation 3. With support for 256 players during single matches, M.A.G. can certainly take the prize for intensity, but it also retains some serious staying power due to its almost MMO-type mission structure and leveling system.

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