Best Role-Playing Game (RPG) Winner 2010

Mass Effect 2 once again thrust players into the shoes of Commander Shepard as he (or she) saves the entire universe from the threat of the Reapers. With a diverse motley crew of aliens, Shepard must achieve the impossible and stop them or die (again) in the attempt. Few games make you feel as if you're the protagonist of the game like Mass Effect 2, with the ability to customize your character and pursue romances with your crew. Though some would argue ME2 is more of shooter, it retains enough RPG elements to make it one of the best in its class.

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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Box Art

World of Warcraft gets its third expansion with Cataclysm, which introduces a new narrative as well as thousands of new quests. And if you are an obsessive leveler, you'll be happy to know that Cataclysm increases the level cap to 85, which opens up plenty of new challenge possibilities.

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