Best Xbox 360 Game Winner 2010

Mass Effect 2 took everything that the original did correct and made it better. With a galaxy spanning quest, a unique crew, A-list voice talent, and a shipload of side quests (some from DLC), Mass Effect 2 is an epic adventure that any gamer can enjoy.

Mass Effect 2 is undoubtedly one of the best titles to grace the Xbox 360 this year. While the original Mass Effect was a stellar title in its own right, Mass Effect 2 improved upon everything, making the combat fast paced, streamlining the inventory, and expanding the overall mission. The characters in Mass Effect 2 are fleshed out and believable, making you genuinely care about them. When you step away from Mass Effect 2, you feel as if you've stepped away from a true adventure.

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Halo: Reach Box Art
Halo: Reach

Whether you are a Halo junkie or not, Halo: Reach is a damn fine shooter. Reach may have been Bungie's swan song for the franchise, but they sure went out with a bang! With an epic storyline that fans will recognize from the game's expanded universe novel series and plenty of awesome weapons, there is plenty to love about Halo: Reach.

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