Best Downloadable Content (DLC) Winner 2011

Spec 2.0 pretty much gave us everything we felt was missing from Gran Turismo 5 and then some. New cars, simplified interior views for every car, the ability to save multiple car settings, user-side weather control, improved physics, and more—and all of this was free.

Spec 2.0 offers so much that we would have been willing to pay for it. But we didn't, and we love Polyphony Digital even more for it.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation Box Art

Escalation added four brand new competitive maps to Black Ops, but perhaps the main attraction here was the new Call of the Dead map for Zombies. Assume the role of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Englund, Michael Rooker, or Danny Trejo, and attempt to bring down horror legend George Romero himself. Oh yeah, and tons of zombies.

The Other Nominees:
Call of Duty: Elite
Fallout: New Vegas Old World Blues
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