Best Independent Game Winner 2011

Bastion is simply everything we love about indie games. It's got absolutely gorgeous visuals, a fantastic story, and an overall feel that's a bit different than anything we've seen in this year's triple-A titles. On top of that is the soothing drawl of the smooth-talking narrator. Seriously, we could probably listen to this guy ramble on all day.

This little gem proves yet again that it doesn't take hundreds of people and a massive budget to produce a highly polished and wildly entertaining video game.

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Minecraft Box Art

With the enormous amount of hype surrounding Minecraft—it had its own convention, for crying out loud—it's sometimes hard to remember that this is an indie game. Still, it's a humble little project with a development team so small they could probably fit comfortably on your living room couch. Yet Minecraft has managed to capture the imaginations of players in a way that few games have ever been able to do before. It's safe to say that the entry fee on this one is well worth the insane amount of time you'll probably spend in its world.

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