Best Licensed Game Winner 2011

Licensed games are far too often cheap cash-ins on popular franchises. However, every once in a while a licensed game comes around that completely blows us away. I think we all agree that this can be said of Arkham City. Sure, its predecessor Arkham Asylum was exceptional, but we weren't sure that Rocksteady could do it again.

Well, they did, and Arkham City somehow managed to soar above the already high bar set by the previous game. Batman is a great character, and finally we have a truly outstanding video game series to celebrate that fact.

Don a mask and cowl and investigate our review for yourself.

DC Universe Online
DC Universe Online

2011 was a great year for comic book-inspired video games. DC Universe Online delivered a massive world for players to explore, based on DC Comics' incredible universe. Team up with heroes like Batman and Superman, or villains like Lex Luther and the Joker. Whether you want to prevent crime or cause it, you're given the superpowers to do so.

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