Most Anticipated Game of 2012 Winner

The Mass Effect series is a well woven web of complex situations, deep characters, and moral choices that force us to stretch the way we think. It should come as no surprise that the next entry in the series is at the top of our wish list for 2012.

This time, though, it's Earth that's caught in the crosshairs of the Reaper menace. It's personal, and this adventure is sure to push Shepard further than anything we've seen in the past. Load up your save from Mass Effect 2 or just start from scratch when this one hits shelves this spring.

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The Last Guardian Box Art
The Last Guardian

ICO and Shadow of the Colossus were exceptional experiences. The team that brought us these unforgettable titles is set to do it again with The Last Guardian. This time, though, we're not guiding a helpless princess or battling behemoth-sized monsters. Instead, we get to see the relationship between a boy and his pet. But this is no ordinary pet; it's part dog, part cat, and part bird. And it's gigantic. The Last Guardian was supposed to hit this year, but a series of delays has pushed it into 2012. Team Ico can take all the time they want, though, as long as they can deliver a product that's as great as their other games.

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