Best Studio of the Year Winner 2011

It's hard to not admire a company that can deliver a game like Skyrim, which includes a massive open world and over a hundred hours worth of content to explore and enjoy. And they somehow got it all to fit on one Xbox 360 disc, those tricky people.

In a year packed full of incredible mega-hits, Bethesda managed to serve us more than just a game, but a deep and immersive world to get completely absorbed in. For all the tireless effort that must have gone into a project like this, the guys at Bethesda deserve a relaxing holiday break. Oh yeah, and a Studio of the Year award too.


2011 was definitely not Nintendo's best year. But they're not moping around, instead choosing to continue putting out incredible games. I don't think I even have to mention Skyward Sword, but this year saw strong entries in the Mario and Kirby franchises as well. Even though many gamers are anticipating the end of the Wii's lifespan, Nintendo just doesn't stop delivering the goods.

Naughty Dog
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