Best Sports Game Winner 2011

NBA 2K11 was a fantastic title last year, and one that many of us thought was not to be outdone. However, this year's version took things to a new level, delivering all the NBA action of last year's title while adding superstars from the pages of history. That's right, Michael Jordon, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson are here, along with several other chosen from among the best basketball players of all time.

NBA 2K12 simply gave us things we never would have asked for on our own, but now that they're here, we can't imagine playing without them. It's safe to say that this is a very worthy recipient of our Best Sports Game award this year.

Our review has more coverage, so don't miss it.

Madden NFL 12 Box Art
Madden NFL 12

If you're into sport games at all, there's no doubt that the Madden series is on your must-buy games list each year. That's as true this year as it's ever been, as Madden NFL 12 brings us an overwhelmingly robust Franchise Mode and online features that will keep us playing long into 2012. We'll still probably buy next year's model anyway though.

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