Best Wii Game Winner 2011

The Legend of Zelda is famous for delivering one exceptional game after another. Now, the series that brought us the iconic Ocarina of Time does it again with Skyward Sword.

This time, we spend our time hopping back and forth between the flying village of Skyloft and the world below in an epic adventure worthy of the Zelda name. With incredibly accurate motion swordplay and birds to ride on, Skyward Sword gives us a new perspective on this greatly beloved series.

Find out why we gave this one a very rare perfect score in our full review.

Kirby's Return to Dreamland Box Art

Everyone's favorite little pink puffball returns, and his appetite is still as voracious as ever. Swallow enemies and absorb their powers in the traditional Kirby fashion, though with no yarn in sight this time. This is one game that makes us happy we haven't pawned our Wiis off quite yet.

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