Microsoft Holiday Feature
Xbox 360
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360

Take your Xbox 360 to the limits with this special edition bundle. A whopping 320 GB hard drive capable of storing tons of games, movies, music, and everything else you want to cram into it. Plus, get your trigger finger ready with an included copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Have a friend over to show off the exclusive MW3 console design, then toss him or her the extra controller packed with the bundle. Or take the fight online, ready for action with your included wired headset and a free month subscription to Xbox LIVE Gold.

Kinect Feature

Become the controller with Kinect for the Xbox 360. Full-body tracking adds a unique dimension to motion gaming, putting you into the game like never before. Four built-in microphones make your voice commands resonate within the game. With a strong backing from Microsoft, the title library of Kinect-compatible games keeps growing. Make your move with Kinect, only for the Xbox 360.

Xbox Live Memberships and Point Cards Feature
Xbox Live Memberships and Point Cards

An extensive selection of content awaits you with Xbox LIVE Gold. Customize your music collection with Zune and Watch movies in high definition, or keep up with your favorite TV shows and sporting events. Update your Facebook and Twitter status right from your TV. Plus, access tons of exclusive downloadable games, and go online for some multiplayer in your favorite titles, all through the best virtual experience of any current generation console.

Use your points however you want. Stream movies and television shows using the Zune video. Purchase full games and extra downloadable content from an extensive list covering every genre—from shooters to puzzlers—that continues to grow every week. Also, customize your avatar with stylish clothes, funky props, and all sorts of other gear, making a unique character that's all your own.