Patapon 3
Patapon 3 box art
Systems: PSP
Expected Release Date : April 28, 2011

While it was initially expected before the end of 2010, Patapon 3 has found its way over the hump into 2011. The third in the series of PSP titles, Patapon 3 is expected to hang onto the same popular gameplay mechanics and expand in the ways of multiplayer. Up to eight players can play together in this new edition of the series on almost all of the game's levels.

This outing brings a Super Hero Patapon class to the gameplay, as well as many new monsters, eighty levels, and a new feature called the Pata-Text Chat System. The developers, Pyramid and Japan Studio, are aiming to bring a more fantastic approach to the art style as well that should make the whole experience feel less 2D. All in all, Patapon 3 is going bigger and better in all categories. There is no word on an official release date just yet. Check out the full preview here!

Journey box art
Systems: PS3
Expected Release Date : TBA 2011

Thatgamecompany is best known for their work on flOw and Flower, two games available for download on the PlayStation Network. Both games shine with almost meditative immersion and artistic stylings. This year Jenova Chen and company are delivering a new experience called Journey.

The game is set across a vast landscape where players can choose to play alone or with others online. If you meet up with other players, you won't be able to communicate with them or see what their online nicknames are. You're simply lost and find another lost soul to spend time with.

Knowing just how well thatgamecompany's first titles did and the unique elements they brought to the table, Journey should further expand their catalog into the realm of the fascinating. Along with all of the other titles from thatgamecompany, Journey is slated to be a PlayStation 3 exclusive.Look here to read our full preview.