Mass Effect 3
Mass Effect 3 box art
Systems: Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Expected Release Date : Holiday 2011

Mass Effect 3 concludes BioWare's trilogy of space opera RPGs starring Commander Shepard. In this third game, the powerful and highly aggressive Reapers have taken control of Earth, and it's up to Shepard to win humanity's homeland back. Players will be able to import save game data from the previous games, and will find that some of their decisions have had dire consequences for the universe and themselves.

The developers have promised stronger RPG elements, more complex enemies, and more cinematic conversations in Mass Effect 3. They will be overhauling the mining mechanic as well. The main gameplay elements will be similar to the previous games, and vehicle-based exploration is likely making a comeback. Check out the full preview here!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim box art
Systems: PS3
Expected Release Date : November 11, 2011

Set 200 years after The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The Elder Scrolls V takes place in Skyrim, a frozen land that is the home of the hardy Nord race. The dragons have returned, wreaking havoc on the world, and the player controls a member of an ancient dragon hunting order. As usual for Elder Scrolls games, Skyrim will be an open world sandbox-style game, in which players can pursue the main quest or set off to explore the world and tackle a plethora of side quests.

TES V: Skyrim features a revamped levelling system in which the player won't choose a class at the beginning of the game, but will level any skill they wish. The graphics will also be improved quite a bit. The world will feature effects such as dynamic snowfall and different speeds of wind that can cause trees to sway either gently or violently. Characters will also feature far improved faces, more diverse racial models, and better animations. A major feature of Skyrim will be the new "radiant storytelling" system that offers quests to players depending on the kind of character being played and the types of decisions they've made. Look here to read our full preview.