Pokémon Black / White Preview
Pokémon Black / White Preview box art
Systems: DS
Expected Release Date : March 8, 2011

Pokémon Black and White, the two versions of the next Pokémon game, send players to the far-off land of Unova. All 156 of the Pokémon in Unova are new, making this the first game without repeat Pokémon since the original Red and Blue. As usual, players will travel through the land challenging other trainers with the goal of becoming a Pokémon master. The teenage main character is a bit older than in previous games, and the realm of Unova is highly industrialized, lending a more modern feel to the games.

Pokémon Black and White contain a number of new features for the series. Battles will appear more dynamic, with fully animated sprites and a better camera angle. There will also be new triple battles and rotation battles to fight. Unova will experience different seasons, which alter the look and music in various areas, as well as the availability of wild Pokémon. New multiplayer and wi-fi features include video chat for DSi and 3DS users, a Pokémon Dream World in which non-Unova Pokémon can be caught, and the ability for a player to visit another player's world in order to complete certain missions. Check out the full preview here!