Best Female Character Winner 2012

Clementine of The Walking Dead was a character that really tugged at our jaded heartstrings. The sacrifices Lee Everett is willing to make for her won't be soon forgotten, and we're glad to have gotten to know her. Yeah, we've been following those #ForClementine hashtags on Twitter too, and we haven't been doing so with dry eyes.

Best Female Character 2012
Commander Shepard (Mass Effect 3)

This choice might surprise many of you, as a good deal of players went through the Mass Effect series with a male Shepard. But those who chose a Shepard of the fairer gender got to meet one of the coolest women in gaming. In fact, she's almost become a symbol of freedom of gender choice in video games. So we must tip our hats to FemShep one last time.

The Other Nominees:
Cortana (Halo 4)
Amanda Cartwright (Sleeping Dogs)
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