Best Multiplayer Game Winner 2012

Now, with all those other shooters doing the whole competitive multiplayer thing, Borderlands 2 seems like an odd choice for our Best Multiplayer award winner. But that’s probably because you’ve never rounded up four people to tackle the wilds of Pandora. There’s just so much fun to be had when you and a group of your friends work together to bring down Handsome Jack as a team rather than going it alone.

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Halo 4 Box Art
Halo 4

Halo 4 does so much right that it’s often hard to categorize some of those things. However, one thing that’s obvious is just how brightly its multiplayer components shine. With incredible map designs, a continuing co-op saga, and some brand new game modes, Halo 4 packs one of the most exhaustive multiplayer suites of 2012. You want options? Halo 4 brings them.

Of course, we’ve got a more detailed account of that in our full review.

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