Best Casual Winner 2013

It’s a rare thing to see a game that can appeal to all walks of life in the gaming community. Animal Crossing: New Leaf not only brings together the FPS fan and the RPG fan alike, but also reaches outside of gaming to snag those casual gamers whose usual activities consist of Candy Crush in the break room. The simplistic nature of micro-managing your virtual life inside a world of talking animals may seem a bit quirky, but hey, that’s the appeal.

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Skylander: Swap Force Box Art

Skylanders is a series that could potentially rule the world one day. Why? It’s simple. It’s a game that is clearly designed for kids, yet appeals to adults, and leaves absolutely no one minding the store. It’s the perfect plan. This game feeds the OCD tick in all of us, where you’ll quickly tap into the need to obsessively collect and cultivate to your heart’s content. Swap Force does a good job at keeping things fresh without feeling the need to reinvent the wheel.

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