Best Male Character Winner 2013

The story telling in The Last of Us is certainly one of its shining attributes. Among its many facets, the character of Joel stands out as particularly interesting. It’s easy to see why his character resonates so well with the gaming audience, as it’s very possible that we see ourselves in him. He’s a man who’s lost it all and is just trying to cope with the new rules of this post-apocalyptic world. Joel accepts he must now do things he never dreamed of to survive (finding they get easier as time goes on).

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Booker DeWitt in BioShock Infinite Box Art

The world of BioShock Infinite is rich with both cool science-fiction elements and political themes that resonate in today’s climate as much as they did in the early 1900s. Our main character (ex-Pinkerton Booker DeWitt) seeks to wipe out his gambling debts by rescuing the damsel in distress. Now, this may seem like standard fare from a typical Clint Eastwood-esque hero, and not exactly an out-of-the-box archetype. To this we say, “Yeah, but what’s better for a game like BioShock Infinite?” In this case, traditional is good.

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Trevor Philips in Grand Theft Auto V
Fan Choice
Grand Theft Auto V

This year, Cheat Code Central gave its readers the chance to have a say in the Cody Awards. Here is your choice in this category based on our daily reader poll.

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