Best PC Game Winner 2013

There is an intensity that a Battlefield 4 player experiences that can’t be recreated with any other shooter. Of course, you have your standard run and gun elements, but the expansive maps and vehicle combat is really what sets Battlefield 4 apart, and makes it so memorable. On the PC, if you have the system specs to push it, you won’t find a better-looking shooter anywhere. Of course, I don’t need to sell you on the advantages of a mouse and keyboard, because if you’re a PC gamer, you already know.

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The Stanley Parable Box Art
The Stanley Parable

There are some games that are a bit hard to describe. The Stanley Parable falls into that category, but in a good way. With its origins steaming from a mod built on the Source game engine, the remake sees players controlling Stanley in a surreal experience narrated by actor Kevan Brighting (think the Wonder Years). The players have free reign to make their own choices (sometimes against the urgings of the narrator) that will lead to different paths and outcomes. In short, a great way to craft your own experience in this “out of the box” style game.

The Other Nominees:
Gone Home
Papers, Please
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