Best PlayStation Game Winner 2013

It’s hard to narrow down any one thing that really makes The Last of Us such a great game (as the list goes on and on). The graphics are stellar, the combat is fun (with enemy A.I. actually outsmarting you in some cases) and the multiplayer isn’t just a tacked-on extra. If you were to start tallying up the things this game did right, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the best games on the PlayStation.

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Beyond: Two Souls Box Art
Beyond: Two Souls

It’s amazing to think that a video game can touch us on such a profound level. Exploring the possibilities of how we deal with the concept of our existence after our life ends, Beyond: Two Souls takes us there and to all points in between. Featuring multiple endings that literally put the life of our main character in the hands of the gamer, it’s amazing to see how gaming as an art form has graduated from a white blip in Pong to the amazing narrative in Beyond.

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