Best Shooter Winner 2013

The comparisons between Battlefield 4 and other shooters on the market will come down to a few key points. While other franchises lean towards a strong run and gun element, Battlefield 4 sticks to its guns (so to speak) by relying on the key components that make it different. The massive multiplayer maps and huge variety of vehicles you can zip around in truly make the game its own entity in the FPS genre. Not to mention the destructible nature of the environments makes it so much fun to play.

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Metro: Last Light Box Art
Metro: Last Light

Surprised to see another shooter besides Call of Duty make it into the number two spot? If you’re at all familiar with Metro: Last Light, it will be no surprise to you. From underground civil war, to mutants and post-apocalyptic landscapes, Metro gives us a nice alternative to the militarized versions of the FPS we’re so used to. If you’d like a breath of fresh air (or as fresh as the air underground can get), then Metro will deliver just that, and more.

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