Game of the Year Winner 2014

I’ve been keeping my ears open when around other gamers, and there seems to be one name on everyone’s lips more than any other. Of course, you already know which I’m going to suggest, don’t you? Likely because you’ve experienced it, too. Destiny has been extremely well-received, so much so that even non-Destiny related conversions on blogs, forums, social media and around the water cooler somehow enviably turn to “I can’t make it out for drinks tonight…I’m going raiding.”

Those who’ve actually spent some real time with this groundbreaking title will find it hard to remain skeptical regarding its revolutionary importance. It doesn’t so much try to reinvent the wheel of the shooter genre, but rather makes for a more individualized experience amongst players. The level of customization and integration of special powers ensures that no encounters are ever the same, with each user able to find their own identity.

Congratulations, Destiny. You did everything you promised you would do, and then some!

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Box Art

Dragon Age: Inquisition has proven that a well-made RPG can exist in a sandbox and work just as well as any other genre. While it would be easy to point to the excellent gameplay, crisp textures or rich story-telling as reasons any gamer would do well to pick it up, that’s the low-hanging fruit. What you should really know about this game is the seemingly endless well of playtime waiting to be found here. We’ve heard tell of gamers easily putting in 40-50+ hours and barley reaching the halfway point. This may just give you the biggest return for your gaming bucks you’ll find anywhere!

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