Best Shooter Winner 2014

Titanfall edges out Destiny for a few good reasons. First is, naturally, the mechs. The sheer fun factor of climbing into these giant iron beasts and going toe-to-toe with your opponents in a Godzilla-esque rumble simply can’t be overstated. Also, the fact that it appeals to the more traditional base of shooter fans gives it the slight edge over a game like Destiny (which is very experimental).

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Destiny Box Art

While not the top dog in this particular category, there’s still something to be said for Destiny’s ballsy new approach to turning the shooter genre on its ear. Bungie’s first solo venture made a big statement right out of the box by combining MMO elements with an FPS that sports a very Halo-like flair. Leveling your characters up via countless nights of raiding with your buddies helps appeal to both the WoW elf and classic space marine buried inside all of us.

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