Game of the Year 2015

Geralt of Rivia's final adventure ran away with our Game of the Year vote. We couldn't get enough of CD Projekt RED's lush, dark world, jam-packed with meaningful quests and dangerous creatures. Whether playing kingmaker, struggling to reunite his lost "family," actually doing his job as a monster hunter, or outsmarting trolls (note: not difficult), Geralt is always going to learn that things are more complex and involved than they seem on the surface. With this title, CD Projekt has cemented its place as the master of choice-and-consequence RPG gaming and gotten millions of people excited to see what it brings out next.

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Fallout 4

We were pretty hard on Fallout 4 here at Cheat Code, but we did it out of love. Despite all our criticism, we still spent far too many hours wandering post-apocalyptic Boston, dressing up Dogmeat, and building elaborate party shacks on top of the Red Rocket. Even when it's a bit rusty, Bethesda still puts out a great sandbox-style RPG.

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Snaaaaake! Kojima's final Metal Gear game didn't disappoint – some even call it the best game in the series. We loved The Phantom Pain's open-ended missions and complex, modern themes. It's bat-shit insane like all the Metal Gear games, but that's part of the charm, isn't it?

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