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Best Wii U Game 2015

Even though it just came out, enough of us played and loved Xenoblade Chronicles X to net it our top spot on the Wii U. This massive undertaking features a huge, vibrant, and hostile alien world to explore. Fight bizarre, towering creatures in a huge mech and save humanity from total extinction. It's a rush... just save up a few hundred hours if you want to see everything it has to offer.

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Splatoon proves that shooters don't need to be dark and gritty – or even feature actual guns at all – to be a ton of fun. We've been happily splatting away since we all became squid-kids over the summer, and Nintendo just keeps adding more battlegrounds and gear for free – not to mention the famous Splatfests that settle important debates like, "which is better, hamburgers or pizza?"

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