Best PC Game 2015
Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

The game industry miracle that is Final Fantasy XIV marches on. With the Heavensward expansion, Square Enix created a story that is deeper and more interesting than ever for players to enjoy. Whether we just popped in to grab a flying mount or are seriously raiding, many of us gave high marks to the MMO that now challenges World of Warcraft's throne.

Grand Theft Auto V

Is it cheating to put Grand Theft Auto V in yet another year's Cody Awards bracket? Maybe, but here's the thing – it's almost an entirely different game on PC if you take some time to delve into the wonderful world of mods. You can breathe fire or wear a Hulkbuster suit – you can even turn the game into a traditional RPG with dialogue trees and the like. This is the soul of PC gaming; the ability to let our imaginations run free in the amazing worlds that developers have created for us.

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