Best Graphics 2016

Ah ha! Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End finally found a way to best Overwatch! It happened in a category where, truly, Uncharted 4 went above and beyond. This is a gorgeous game with lush, lavish, and detailed environments. Especially when you play it on a PlayStation 4 Pro, thanks to the day-one support for the system and its 4K graphics.

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Overwatch is set in this whimsical, bright, and colorful world. Every person and place is packed with personality. We get so used to shooters where colors can blend together, games can look alike, and shadows are overused to emphasize that edge. Overwatch does none of those things. It dares to be different and detailed, and that pays off. Especially in those extra promotional videos Blizzard has created for some of our favorite characters!

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