Game of the Year 2017

A game like Super Mario Odyssey is like a rare and precious gem. Even before it is released, you know you want it. Once it is available, you are able to admire and appreciate all of its facets. The design is impeccable, there are tons of things to do that both are and aren’t tied to its story, and it keeps drawing people back into it. This is the sort of 3D Mario experience we have been missing since Super Mario 64, and we’re so glad that it is back that it has become CheatCC’s Game of the Year.

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Nintendo killed it in 2017. Its first-party games were amazing. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was not only the best way to say goodbye to the Wii U, but also a perfect way to welcome the Switch into our lives. This massive version of Hyrule is gorgeous and filled with amazing sights and sounds. It gave us multiple new abilities to use. Perhaps most importantly, it showed how valuable and versatile Nintendo DLC could be with new trials, shrines, and looks at important figures in the game. It is amazing.

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