Most Anticipated 2018
Red Dead Redemption II

From its initial teaser images to its reveal in various trailers, Red Dead Redemption II is shaping up to be an incredibly immersive return to Rockstar’s Wild West, and a beautiful one at that. Featuring characters both old and new, it seems like there’ll be a lot here for both existing and fresh fans of the franchise. Get your tickets early, this is one trip to the West you don’t want to miss.

Monster Hunter: World

The Monster Hunter series has long been known for its in-depth combat and hunting systems that have spawned countless hardcore fans of the franchise. With Monster Hunter: World, though, it seems that Capcom is looking to not only appeal to the diehard fans, but also open the series to an audience that may have otherwise been scared off by the daunting title. If early beta impressions are anything to go by, this is shaping up to be one of the best, most expansive Monster Hunter games yet.

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