Performance of the Year 2017
Ashly Burch

In Horizon: Zero Dawn, Aloy shines. This woman comes of age and proves herself to everyone in the world. She is strong and independent. We genuinely believe she can tackle any issue before her. Why? Because of Ashly Burch. This actress did a wonderful job of bringing the character to life. Part of the reason we love Aloy is because of her amazing portrayal. There is no question that Burch is definitely a star.

Melina Juergens

Melina Juergens is not actually an actress. She is Ninja Theory’s video editor. But, she was also picked to play the role of Senua in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and provide motion capturing for her. And she was incredible at it. Her portrayal of this haunted warrior is one of the best we have seen this year. She was simultaneously sympathetic and strong. We were able to connect to Senua become of Juergens’ portrayal of her.

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