Best Sound / Music 2017

Keiichi Okabe and Monaca put together a stunning soundtrack for NieR: Automata. with many artists coming together to sing and perform on it. Songs range from light-hearted to thought-provoking and heartfelt. They all perfectly suit the mood. I will never forget the moment I heard the song “Pascal” when entering the robot’s village. The songs stick with you, which is why we think NieR: Automata’s music is so awesome.

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Persona 5

It isn’t often that a series becomes known for its earworm songs, but Persona always is. Its tracks are ones you would be as likely to listen to in daily life as you would in-game. Persona 5 embraces that notion. Its jazzy tunes are contemporary, but also call to mind heist movies and mysteries. But then, the second you face a boss, you start hearing metal influences. There’s a great blend of genres here for people to enjoy.

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