Best Story 2017

What is the nature of life? If something is artificial, is it any less valid? How do we deal with our roles in society? NieR: Automata is a game that tackles hard questions about the nature of existence. It takes us through multiple situations, looking at them from various angles, all so we can better understand what is going on in the life of artificial characters that sometimes show more humanity than ordinary humans. NieR: Automata can make us laugh and cry, and that is such an amazing thing.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn

What happens after an apparent end? How bright can a new beginning be? Horizon: Zero Dawn places Aloy and us in a mysterious world. She is an outsider trying to find a place for herself in society. Yet, her unique position makes her the perfect person to investigate the strange cybernetic creatures roaming the world. We follow her as she makes her world a better place to be, discovers her origins, and achieves her destiny.

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