Bionik Mantis

Using a PlayStation VR is a very personal experience. You want to feel immersed in the game you are playing. A good set of headphones can help with that, and the Bionik Mantis is a great place to start. This is a pair of detachable headphones designed specifically for the PSVR. They clip onto the headset and go over your ears in such a way that there’s no mess or trouble getting things arranged. You just clip them on and go about your gaming life.

The Bionik Mantis is all about ease of use and comfort. They are designed to rest gently on your head, which is just what you need when you already have a headset on. They have tangle resistant cords, so you won’t get all tied up as you play. And once they are on, they are completely unobtrusive. It is like they are not even there. Plus, they are only $49.99, which is quite nice when you have already spent so much on a PSVR.

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