Bionik Lynx

By their very nature, Xbox One controllers are wireless. You are supposed to pop in your own batteries and deal with that hassle. But for people who want to be a little more eco-conscious and have something that is easier to deal with, you can always go rechargeable. And that is where the Bionik Lynx Charge Cable comes in. This is a cable designed for the Xbox One to help you stay on top of your game and connect to the console.

The Bionik Lynx Charge Cable is 10 feet long, which means you will still be able to enjoy quite a bit of freedom when it is connected to your Xbox One. It allows you to both sync and recharge your controller, ensuring you have a little extra power when you need it. It also is a braided cable, with a woven shield to protect the cord within and make sure it lasts longer. And, when your controller is charged, it has a cable tie to keep it compact.

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