Turtle Beach Backlit Gaming Keyboard & Laser Mouse

Keyboards are so important. Whether you are using one for business or pleasure, you have to have a peripheral you can trust. Something you can trust. It would need to be comfortable and work well. Enter the Turtle Beach Impact 700 Premium Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. This $195.95 keyboard is exactly what you need to have a responsive, tactile experience in any situation.

The Turtle Beach Impact 700 is filled with Cherry MX Brown key switches. These are high quality keys with laser-engraved keycaps. They have six-key rollover, complete with anti-ghosting so there will be no errors even if you inadvertently hit extra keys or tap one more than once. You also have multiple illumination modes and soft to hard red backlighting, so it is easy on the eyes. And, if you are worried about having enough ports, it gives you a 3.5mm mic and audio jacks and two USB 2.0 ports.

Having a good keyboard is only one of two things you need when you are a PC gamer. You also need a mouse that will be accurate, comfortable, and smooth. Once again, Turtle Beach is the kind of company that can deliver. It makes a Grip 500 Laser Gaming Mouse for $69.95. This is an ergonomic mouse designed to be as comfortable as possible, complete with seven buttons you can easily reach and push.

The Turtle Beach Grip 500 Laser Gaming Mouse has the best kind of components built into it. It uses Omron switches and has an Avago 9800 laser sensor. This means every movement will be reliable, accurate and ensure you perform at your maximum capability. There are five color-coded profiles saved to the mouse, allowing you to program the buttons the way you like and even set up as many as 50 complex macros with 100 commands in each one. This means it will be ready for any game you love!

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