Turtle Beach Elite Pro Headset

Headsets are one of the most practical gaming peripherals you can get. After all, they have so many uses. You can have one on hand for multiplayer matches, to make sure you and your team are on the same page. If you stream, it is a way to connect with the audience. They can be used to listen to the game and have a better and closer connection to what’s going on. They are incredibly practical, and the $199.95 Turtle Beach’s Elite Bro Tournament Gaming Headset is what any PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC owner needs to stay connected.

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset has 50mm Nanoclear speakers and TruSpeak technology. You will hear everyone perfectly, and they will hear every word you have to say too. And, since it is designed for tournament play, creature comforts have been taken into consideration. You can wear your glasses, thanks to the ProSpecs Glasses Relief System, there is a ComforTec Fit, Aerofit Ear Cushions keep it from being a burden, and it is designed to work with all Elite Pro accessories, thanks to a Circuit Pro Cable System. Turtle Beach worried about all these things so you wouldn’t have to.

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