Bionik Charging Dock & Power System

Know what is annoying? There is no good and easy way to charge multiple Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. You can only have two on the system at once, after all. And to charge them in-use, you need to have a special grip. The Bionik Tetra Power is exactly what you need to make sure you have between one and four Joy-Cons at full charge, ready to use when you need them. It is a dock for your controllers.

This convenient Tetra Power basically resembles a pillar. You slide your Joy-Cons onto the quad-port dock. Lighted indicators tell you how high the charge is. You even plug the Tetra Power into the Nintendo Switch dock. For $24.99, less than the cost of an actual pair of Joy-Cons, you have something simple and convenient that can stand next to your Switch and make sure you are always ready to play with your friends.

The Nintendo Switch system and Joy-Con battery life is okay. It is not amazing, but then a lot of games are very intensive and use a lot of juice. Since it is a hybrid system, that can make for quite a few problems when you are on the go. But with the Bionik Power Plate Duo, you can have a battery system with dock that lets you charge two sets of Joy-Cons or the Nintendo Switch while you are on the go.

The $69.99 Bionik Power Plate Duo gives you two 4500mAh Li-ion battery packs designed with the Nintendo Switch and its Joy-Cons in mind. The controllers can slip onto the packs, while console can plug into it with included USB Type-C to Type C adapters. It even comes with carrying bags, so you can easily take these back up batteries along with your console. You’ll get a charge out of it!

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