RapidX Carbon Series

Many of us spend most of our lives sitting. We could be at a desk all day for school or work purposes. In our free time, we could very likely be sitting down and playing games. Yet, it can be tempting to go with what is cheap or easy to sit on. But those who treat themselves could consider a Rapid X Carbon Line Chair. It is $399.99, which is quite a price tag, but it is specifically designed with gamers in mind.

The Rapid X Carbon Line chair has a Polyurethane core, to help keep you cozy, and has a wide and sturdy seat. Nearly everything about it can be adjusted, including seat height, armrests, backrests, and the tilt. In fact, it can tilt to 5 positions and the backrest can recline from 85-155 degrees. There is carbon fiber trim, accompanied by PVC leather on the backrest. Basically, its ergonomic design should make you feel like you are sitting in a classy sports car whenever you are in it!

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